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Case Studies
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Horizon LED Energy Solutions worked with the management team on an interior and exterior LED upgrade for a Charlotte, NC prime office building. After completing the upfit of the interior from fluorescent to LED (over 53% energy savings), Horizon LED moved to the exterior of the facility. We proposed replacing the existing 400w HPS fixtures (465w with ballast) with our 75w LED Post Top fixture. Exterior energy savings were 84% while achieving more than eight times the light levels. Horizon LED’s fixture has a rated life of over a decade with full replacement warranty for five years so maintenance expense is now simply eliminated. When interior and exterior maintenance savings are calculated with total energy savings, this project offered a ROI of over 60%.

This LED upgrade saves 370,292 kWh per year which equates to the reduction of 260 metric tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions annually. It would require 246 acres (area of almost two golf courses) of U.S. forest to sequester the same amount of CO2.