Vertically integrated LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications

Horizon LED is a hybrid manufacturing and energy savings company offering turnkey site-specific design and installation of energy saving LED products.  We buy annual manufacturing time to build commercial and industrial LED luminaires engineered to our specifications.

We are committed to staying ahead of the LED product development curve in this rapidly changing market and work with a dynamic engineering team to keep our luminaires at the cutting edge of technology.  We offer only state of the art luminaires and LED lamps and always have new and upgraded products in developmental stages.

Custom LED lighting solutions
Design and implementation of LED energy savings products

for commercial and industrial use

What Sets Us Apart

Recognizing the changing needs of commercial and industrial customers, Horizon LED sought to fill the need for more than just another lighting distributor.

Horizon LED stocks and distributes fluorescent and HID lamps and ballasts along with LED components but our main focus has always been to advise and offer turnkey state of the art solutions to achieve the most efficient lighting.

Save Money

More Than Just Another Lighting Distributor

Reduce Energy

Help the Environment

75 Years of Lighting Experience