We have a 69,000-sq. foot warehouse/office in south Charlotte. Mike Richardson and his team from Horizon LED Energy Solutions converted all the light fixtures in both the warehouse and office. The work was done after hours so there was no disruption to our business. The work was done professionally and with a great deal of care. The new LED fixtures are incredibly bright and attractive. Mike’s team not only worked around our schedule but did a terrific job keeping the place neat and cleaned up before we arrived back at work. I would highly recommend Horizon LED Energy Solutions when you decide to upgrade your fixtures to LED.

Mark Snider - Snider, Inc.

Thank you for the excellent completion of the Lighting Project at our Clinton, South Carolina Distribution Center. The new lighting has dramatically improved operational efficiency and enhanced the safety of our employees. In addition, our bottom line has been improved by the reduction in our power bills. Your service and follow up was everything we could have asked for and definitely lived up to your slogan, “Horizon LED Energy Solutions is not finished with a job until complete customer satisfaction is met”. Based on our positive experience with this Lighting Project, I would highly recommend your services.

Carl L. Caddell III - Senior Industrial Engineer Renfro Corporation

KTEK Carolina would like to thank Horizon Energy Solutions for a job well done on the lighting installation at our facility. The pricing was very competitive and the work force on site followed our safety policies at all times. It was a real pleasure having a professional crew to work with during this major upgrade.

John Kirkpatrick - GM KTek Carolina

CamoplastSolideal, a global supplier of industrial tires, tracks and wheels, undertook an energy efficient lighting project with Horizon Energy as a strategic partner, The existing mercury vapor lighting was inefficient and created dark spots through out the 60,000 sq.ft. warehouse. The old lighting was replaced with t5 fixtures, some with motion detectors. As a customer of Duke Energy, we wanted to obtain all the incentive money available to help with the cost of the project. After careful review of our needs, Mike provided a design and worked with Duke to get us the maximum incentives. He also make us aware of federal grants available for this type of project and worked with me in obtaining the money. I was skeptical about the project and all of the ``benefits`` it could provide. Mike was very patient and convinced me that it was the way to go. He was patient explaining in detail how the new lighting would improve the work environment while reducing our energy usage. I also was concerned about the effect of the installation on daily workflows, he assured me the impact would be minimal. I highly recommend Mike because of his honestly, patience, knowledge and his get it done attitude. It is rare you find someone that delivers what was promised. We are happy with the outcome.

Dan Shearer - InDirect Purchasing Manager Camoplast Solideal

We have recently had an LED conversion job quoted and installed by HORIZON. Mike Richardson was our primary contact, and is the owner of the company. Although the JOB itself presented many unforeseen obstacles, based on wiring in an OLD building, etc, etc, Mike had an unwavering commitment to find the problems, and resolve them in order to deliver the results that he expected for us. Mike has no tolerance at all for a sub-par result, no matter what it takes on his side to achieve it. Even if YOU as the customer feels that it’s OK … he will not relent until he has delivered the result that he feels delivered the CORRECT result. We have been in business since 2002, and I have at least another 10 years before that, in a position of occasionally dealing with contractors, etc. I have NEVER encountered a company, or a person, that has the level of integrity to do the best job that is possible, and the commitment to NOT settle for anything that falls short of that. It was a TRUE PLEASURE to meet and work with Mike, and the staff of HORIZON. All are true professionals, and committed to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that the customer is 100% happy with the result… AND that THEY are also happy with what they have done, and how the equipment is performing. THAT, is where HORIZON exceeds above and beyond any service or installation company that I have ever worked with in the past. Do yourself a favor… if you have any lighting needs, have Mike Richardson, and HORIZON do the work for you. It’ll be the best experience that it can possibly be.

Micheal Feder - President TRADE WINDS FURNITURE

Belton Industries Inc., along with Horizon Energy, undertook a plant wide lighting upgrade project during the first few months of 2012. Our lighting was mostly T12 fluorescent lighting that was not very efficient. Our facility is approximately 200,000 sq. ft. and we changed out all of our overhead lighting and replaced it with T5 fixtures, some of which utilized motion/infrared detectors. As a customer of Duke Energy, we wanted to obtain all the incentive money available to help with the cost of the project. After a careful review of our lighting needs, Mike gave us a lighting design and submitted the appropriate forms to Duke Energy for our incentives. Based on his design, we received a rebate that paid for roughly half of our project. He also provided us with the appropriate paperwork to apply for some tax credits that the project allowed us to receive. As I got to know Mike on the front end of this project, I realized that he was very knowledgeable about lighting. When we were talking about the project before we placed an order, I questioned him extensively on how his crew would do the work while we are running without causing complete chaos. He assured me that his crew was experienced and “customer” focused. He also used the phrase quite often that “we ain’t leaving until you are happy”. Before we awarded the job, I visited one of his previous customers who gave me a positive reference for Horizon Energy and the job Mike did for him. In this day and time, it is becoming more and more rare to find someone who keeps their word, delivers what they promise, and who doesn’t whine when obstacles occur. Horizon Energy and Mike Richardson did exactly that for Belton Industries and we were well pleased with our outcome. I can now recommend Horizon Energy based on what they did for us.

David Norris - Belton Industries